Team Members

Art Director & Product development
Game design & Community testing
Brand ambassador & Business strategist

Our vision

We aim to provide a cohesive brand for Lifestyle Gamers who crave an outsider perspective and the newest game design concepts without establishment baggage. Other game companies may own the games that were genre originators but this often shackles them to outdated ideas. We are free to approach gaming with an open and unhindered mindset. 


We aim to deliver new perspectives on established gaming formats and to examine and rework established gaming practices. This will be evident through our critical works and through the games themselves. There is much to be learnt and expressed about game design and we aim to be at the front of this.


We aim to provide a place for people with new ideas about gaming to discuss and experiment with forward thinking gaming techniques. This is an approach to both internal and external culture. Listening to both our creators and customers is an important part of the creation cycle.


We aim to create games that people can be excited about and provide support for them to express their excitement. We want people to feel a sense of ownership over their experiences and to feel a strong relationship with the company and the wider community. A game is a social experience so everything about what we do must reflect that.


We aim to make all aspects of the brand clearly visible and cohesive to encourage full engagement. It is important that each product leads to an awareness of the community and other products we provide. No part of Frost Flame is an island, it all interconnects.


We aim to encourage interest in gaming as a hobby and lifestyle and to create more enfranchised gamers. We will achieve this through accessible games, accessible community and accessible creators with a clear path between each product and experience. If each game points to the next, then every game can be an entry point.


We aim to provide new and exciting IP that has not been seen before. We believe that part of the wonder of games is discovering new world, so someone must be dedicated to creating them. Genre tropes have become stale and over saturated and we will stay away from these and instead focus on new and exciting ideas.


We aim to be as ethical as possible in all aspects of the company. This includes using non-predatory monetisation strategies and sustainable manufacturing techniques. Games are a frivolous enterprise, we need not make them wasteful and destructive.


We aim to provide positive change to the world. While our games can look at the darker side of life and are free to explore all parts of humanity, our philosophy is of a caring world at large. Games are a way to bring people together and foster community, which is an important part of human experience.