It’s just our thing.

For some reason, we care about games. We think about games way too much. We write about games. We make games. We get really stressed out about games and wonder why we are doing this. Then we play some games and remember how games can relieve stress and bring people together. Or something.

We particularly like tabletop games and how they cause people to interact. Like a game over coffee and cake between two best friends and a long conversation about life. Or a strategy game that a grandparent teaches their grandchild only to lose to the damn child every time. Or a game of loud meaningless debates over beers that causes the most hilarious arguments. Or people sitting around a table pretending to be wizards and stuff while doing bad accents.

We live for these experiences and we want to create them. We aim to make games that fulfil a unique purpose, even if that purpose is being really drunk while standing on your furniture. I guess this is our mission statement. I heard we need one of those. But it’s just our thing, man.

It’s just our thing.

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